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Some Known Stocks You Can Invest on

The socially conscious investor will find a wide range of Eco-friendly stocks and mutual funds to choose from, both small and large. Due to the influence of world-wide concern over global pollution and carbon dioxide, the investor will find many large corporations are snapping up green companies to add to their list of products. The small cap companies Environmental Power Corp. trades under the ticker EPG on the AMEX exchange.

This stock currently sells in the $5 range. The company and its subsidiaries engage in the ownership, development and operation of renewable energy facilities in the United States. EPG owns 83 leasehold of land.

It has plants that utilize animal and food industry waste to produce bio-mass and other forms of alternative fuel that utilize their renewable energy biogas. A good reason to give this company a good look is that it filed a notice with the SEC that it has a firm commitment from an underwriter to make and offering of over four million shares of his stock. If the offering goes forward the company could realize a gain in the price as well as an infusion of over 22 million dollars.

There are numerous ways to get into the green, Eco-friendly stocks. There are mutual funds and indexes available. In addition there are segments in wind, health foods and solar energy that have opportunities for investment. Investments in the oil sector There are advantages to investing in areas of the stock market that you know or have some personal experience with on a daily basis. Nearly everyone is effected in one way or another by the commodity oil. If you are an individual you take note of prices at the gas pump, heating bill and other uses of oil.

If you are a business owner the price of oil is a factor in the operation of your business. For the purposes of this article the two areas that will be covered is oil & gas and oil service stocks. The first area oil & gas covers some of the big oil stocks whose names you may know. The second area is the oil service stocks that support and aid the extraction and distribution of oil. The cost of purchasing stock in this stock is relatively cheap when you consider the likes of Google selling for in excess of $500 per share.

Still other intellectual property stocks on the market and conglomerates sell for in excess of $200 a share. The range of prices in Big Oil is between $61 to $89 per share. What you get is a stock that is capitalized with billions of dollars, has a management team that is beyond exceptional and an underlying product "oil" that is in short supply. This has been a brief overview of the oil sector. Review your investment objectives and seek the advice of licensed estate planner or stock broker.

Company prospectives are available on-line and by mail. Sports fan investing Cabela's is a Nebraska sports and apparel company that sells on-line. It has store outlets that are an adventure for any shopper. Cabela's is a success story and when the jitters in the market subside it will soar. It is priced currently in the high $20 range and worth every dime.

It trades under symbol CAB. Nike Inc. is a familiar brand name for most sports fans and enthusiasts. The stock is sold on the New York Stock Exchange.

The stock symbol is NKE. The company sells apparel, shoes and accessories. The company has a 28.

2 billion dollar market share. Nike employs over 32,000 employees. Nike is priced currently at $58 per share. The stock is expected to climb as high as $70 per share. Some of the major holders are Barclay's Global Fund, Fidelity Blue Chip Fund, Vanguard 500 Index Fund and some other blue ribbon funds.

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