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Free Conference Calls

You can now enjoy free conference calls! Our free conference calling service is the most cost-effective way to get groups of people together in one call.

Normally, conference call services charge users a flat monthly fee, or a per minute fee. With free conference calls, the user pays no charges, except the normal long distance or local rate charge to call the service provider's computer. The national long distance carrier pays the service provider's fees, saving you a fortune.

Having your own free personal conference line telephone number is ideal for businesses and professionals. It enables someone to use the phone 24/7 and instantly have access to his or her own private teleconference room free of charge. Conference rooms generally accommodate dozens of users. Larger companies can sign up for additional conference rooms. It costs nothing to sign up, and the number becomes active immediately.

Free conference calling is the best option for people who rely on conference calling to conduct their business. With the increasing sophistication and usability of the tools for conference calling, the possibilities are virtually unlimited and well within the reach of every entrepreneur. Teleconferencing provides an effective and efficient use of the company's time and resources and clearly, conference calling is the way to modern business communications. After all, what business would not want to save money?