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How Do Jay Abrahams Fundamental Truths for Increasing Your Profits and Audio Tie Together Part

Should I refresh your memory about what Jay Abraham teaches? One of the fundamental truths according to Mr. Abraham is that a business can only grow in three ways: 1. By increasing the number of customers (we'll refer to this as your marketing strategy).

2. By increasing the product's price (we'll refer to this as. well, your product).

3. By increasing the number of times a customer purchases from you (we'll refer to this as your back-end). So, what is the connection between multimedia, specifically audio, and maximizing the three ways to grow your business; i.e. your marketing strategy, your product and your back-end? Just keep reading.

Audio can be used as a creative marketing strategy. People are sensory creatures. A simple yet effective audio message can help you create a better connection with your prospects.

This connection may lead to an increase in your sales conversion rate. That means more money for you. It's a proven fact people are more likely to remember what they both read and hear. Therefore, an audio message along with your copy will really help deliver a powerful message (and for that matter, so will an appropriate and well positioned video clip).

Audio will help increase the perceived value of your product. Adding audio mp3 files to your existing ebook (or the one you were planning to write) can easily double the perceived value of your product. Best of all, once you've recorded and uploaded mp3 files to your download page, you are finished.

Even better yet, if you sell a tangible information course, adding audio CD's with the package will greatly increase the perceived value of your product. Audio can help your back-end sales in two ways. For one, you may offer related products like an audio CD or an mp3 download to your current customers. And this can be done no matter what type of product you are selling. If it is a tangible item that requires some skill, why not record an instructive guide for how to use it? You don't even have to write anything at all if you don't want. Simply set-up an interview with someone knowledgeable in your niche and record away.

Can you see how your product will create itself for you? You can also use an audio marketing campaign to help increase your conversion rate for any affiliate products you offer (or should be offering) as a back-end to your customers. Virtually no one records an audio message for affiliate products. No one wants to work that hard! Imagine what could happen if you give it a try?.

Want to learn more about audio and other multimedia techniques? Then visit Best Multimedia Tools. Get up to speed with free information and tools sure to knock your prospects socks off!

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