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Federal Student Loan Consolidation in

Actually, student loan consolidation is so much in demand that more and more companies offer rate of interest reductions, for instance, 1% off if all your monthly payments are made on time for at least two years. This is why you need to research all the offers carefully before your student loan consolidation. A wise choice could end up saving you thousands of dollars. Student loan consolidation offers many advantages, first of all, the restructured repayment plan means that you owe money to only one lender and you return them in only one lower monthly payment.

The special offers for reduced interest rates mean that you could get a rate of interest as low as 8%, which can save you a lot of money. Also, since there is very little credit check, no charges or fees and no collateral or co-signers needed it is very easy to consolidate your student loans, whether private or federal. Tuition fees for higher education are astronomical these days, and to make sure you are financially able to attend college you need to get a student loan. The next advisable step is to consolidate your loan using federal student loan consolidation. There are several different types of student loans available to you that will ease the burden of paying for your college education. But, as important as it is to get the financial means that you need, you also have to keep in mind that the loan will have to be repaid eventually.

Federal student loan consolidation helps you consolidate all the different kinds of federal student loans that you may have acquired, into a single loan. And this is just the first of many advantages. Because the interest rates for federal student loans are set by the federal government, you are guaranteed that they are kept low, somewhere in the vicinity of 8%. With federal student loan consolidation they can even be reduced, thus ensuring you lower monthly payments. Also, the rates are fixed therefore they are not subject to change for the duration of the loan, making it easier and faster to repay. You can actually save a lot of money while repaying a loan by consolidating your federal student loans.

There are rules of course, and these advantages are only available as long as you make the payments on time and respect the deadline that has been agreed upon. If there is an increase in the time you need to repay the loan, the overall sum you end up paying is much larger than the sum you initially owed. How to consolidate your federal student loans Using federal student loan consolidation you can build up all your federal student loans into just one loan with a single lender and a single schedule of repayment. The advantages do not stop here, as there are no charges, prepayment penalties or fees required after the consolidation of your loans.

Also, the consolidation of loans can be made by you personally or by your parents, and it does not require the presence of any co-signers. Through the federal student loan consolidation program all your debts are acquired by a commercial lender. At this point your account balance with the credit bureaus is zero, and all your debts are rolled into just one debt that you owe to a single commercial lender. All you have to do is sign a new promissory note that contains the details of your current rate of interest and repayment plan, and your federal student loans are consolidated.

However, in order to qualify for this consolidation you must be able to prove that you made at least three full and on time monthly payments.

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