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Buying New Spanish Property

If you are interested in purchasing buying a new property in Spain then more often than not you will be buying off-plan. This simply means that you are buying property that is yet to be built. One of the financial advantages of this is that you can simply pay a deposit of 3000 Euros to secure the property leaving you around 3-months to pay the next installment. The second installment is normally 50% of the total balance of the property. The third payment is the last 50% balance and you would only pay this once you have visited your completed property and are happy with everything.

You may have a small snag list to complete with minor jobs to be done thought this would not delay the signing of the property with the Notary. The time period between the deposit and the final payment on completion could be around 2-years so there are many benefits to buying off-plan. Regardless of what happens in the currency markets you guarantee the price as soon as the deposit is paid. On completion the property would have normally have risen in value. What percentage it has risen is down to many factors. It could be the development that are buying on is near completion so is an additional attraction to new buyers who don't want to buy on a building site.

Your property is now completed so this would also tempt buyers who wanted a new property but wanted to move in immediately without the delay of the building work. The last variable on price increase would be the current state of the Spanish property market. The problems of buying off-plan considering you do not mind the 2-year wait for completion are a little less serious.

You will no doubt have visited the show house or apartment before signing. With many of the developments have different layouts, sizes and materials the property you receive may be slightly different that the one you was shown a few years earlier. The same could be said of the view. If you have purchased a upper floor apartment then the show apartment is normally on the ground floor so you would be unsure of the views you would get until the day you inspect your completed property.

All this said an done buying off-plan is a great way to purchase Spanish property. The pluses far outweigh the minuses. As long as you take into account the situation once the property has been built regarding the views and interior and exterior build then I am sure you will be very happy in your new home and the 2-years wait was worth it.

Mark Fynn is the owner of Blanca Online the No1 web site for Costa Blanca information and business directory services. To find out more information about the Costa Blanca or to advertise your business then visit

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